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  • DELL : 2:1 Convertible Notebook 

    Nilsen, Aurora B. (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
    After conducting an internal and external analysis based on primary and secondary research, the conclusion was that Dell is a strong brand in the commercial market. However, the research also concluded that Dell is facing ...
  • Huawei 

    Ottho, Fabian Alexander (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
    This thesis examines how Huawei could use e-marketing and strategy to strengthen their global brand. I had three key areas of research, being; customer’s relationship towards the brand, Huawei’s strengths and weaknesses ...
  • Ocean Quality 

    Brevik, Roy Schjølberg; Jordheim, Nikolai; Martinsen, John Christian; Labori, Aleksander; Torjul, Aleksander Lelis (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
    In this thesis we were going to answer the problem definition “which segments in the Spanish market should Ocean Quality target”. By doing so we started to collect data from secondary sources in order to find information ...
  • Amundsen Sports : A Market reseachers into the French consumers perception of Norwegian tradition and design 

    Bilstad, Martine Arlén Haaland; Conte, Nicolas; Guddal, Torstein Nilsen; Langnæs, Michelle Elise (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
    We, the authors, has the last six months conducted a research study for Amundsen Sports AS. This is study focus on their operations and activities towards the French market. Amundsen Sports is a Norwegian outdoor and ski ...
  • Gateway : education is a journey 

    Storesund, Julie; Pitharoulis, Christina; Opstvedt, Marlene; Kristiansen, Inger; Skånes, Marita (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
    The purpose of this consultancy report is to address whether or not the gap year provider Go Gateway (GG) can expand into the UK market and if so which approach should be employed. GG is a provider of study abroad programs, ...
  • DELL : 2:1 Convertible Notebook 

    Svellingen, Casandra (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
    Based on the conducted research, it has been identified three key issues. These issues are important for Dell to maintain a competitive position in the market. The three key issues resulting from the situation analysis ...
  • DELL Technologies 

    Larsen, Anne Isabell (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
  • DELL Technologies : 2-in-1 Convertible notebooks 

    Hverven, Siri (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
  • DELL Technologies : 2-in-1 Convertible notebooks 

    Nguyen, Quynh-Nhu Cao (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
  • DELL : 2:1 Convertible Notebook 

    Eide, Christian (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
    Based on the research conducted, three main issues have been identified as the most receptive to change: 1. The value proposition of the Latitude 2:1 Notebook’s is not well communicated to the market. 2. The indirect ...
  • DELL Technologies : 2-in-1 Convertible notebooks 

    Eriksen, Vilde Skramstad (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
  • DELL Technologies 

    Remme, Anne-Marthe (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
  • DELL Technologies : 2-in-1 Convertible notebooks 

    Rismyhr, Ingrid (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
  • DELL Technologies 

    Pedersen, Mia Haakonsen (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
  • Further expansion of Ramoen AS in the UK market 

    Karia, Deev; Slyngstadli, Henrik; Amundsen, Margrethe; Fosaas, Rebecca M.; Sigurdsen, Ørjan (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
    Ramoen AS has been operating in the UK market for 70 years. The aim of this report is to look at how they can further expand in the UK market through developing a marketing campaign. In order to find out whether or not ...
  • Pure Pride 

    Haarr, Nicolai Larsen; Dieseth, Linda; Flåtten, Daniel Liam (Bachelor thesis, 2017)
    France is well known as one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations, but a less known fact is that it also is the second largest importer of Norwegian salmon in the world. This makes it a very interesting market ...
  • Frisk Bris Consulting : Analysis of the potential for Meamango Sports : Case to enter the Spanish market 

    Wiese-Hansen, Cathrine; Rugeldal, Maria; Janeiro, Michelle; Duesund, Michelle; Angelsen, Jonas (Bachelor thesis, 2016-09-26)
    This thesis has been based on the company Frisk Bris Consulting and their project in collaboration with the company Meamango to introduce the mobile phone case Meamango Sports Case to the Spanish market. The product ...
  • Devold wool underwear 

    Hjelmeland, Karoline; Odenrud, Kari; Sandvik, Sunniva Salen; Nilsen, Oda-Helene; Berner, Thea (Bachelor thesis, 2016-09-26)
    In our thesis we have researched the possibility of introducing Devold of Norway in Spain. Devold of Norway is currently operating in the B2B business market in Spain with their protective clothing. This has proven to be ...
  • How Sapa can gain a leading position in the Spanish aluminum extruder industry 

    Castro, Gene Steffan Chalan; Gallegos, Ricardo; Nordbrenden, Magnus Skedsmo (Bachelor thesis, 2016-09-26)
    In our study we have researched the possibilities for the aluminum extrusion company, Sapa, to attain a leading position. The background for this choice is that Sapa is a relatively new company which entered the Spanish ...
  • Gobitech AS 

    Grønningen, Emma Mathiesen; Johnstad, Kristina Schikora; Oppheim, Daniel; Vangsnes, Sturla Gallefoss; Mortvedt, Mathilde Osvold (Bachelor thesis, 2016-09-26)
    Gobitech AS was founded by four students at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway in 2015. They created a new social media application that allows its users to share picture stories with groups of people, not only one-to-one ...

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