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  • Tony Atkinson and his legacy 

    Aaberge, Rolf (Discussion Papers;No. 863, Working paper, 2017-09-21)
    This collective tribute highlights the range, depth and importance of Tony’s enormous legacy, the product of over fifty years’ work. Tony Atkinson is universally celebrated for his outstanding contributions to the ...
  • Life expectancy and claiming behavior in a flexible pension system 

    Brinch, Christian N.; Fredriksen, Dennis; Vestad, Ola (Discussion Papers;No. 859, Working paper, 2017-05-26)
    We study the relationship between early claiming of pensions and incentives in the highly flexible Norwegian public pension system, measuring incentives to claim based on an estimated model for expected longevity. Despite ...
  • The path of labor supply adjustment: Sources of lagged responses to tax-benefit reforms 

    Jia, Zhiyang; Vattø, Trine E. (Discussion Papers;No. 854, Working paper, 2016-12-05)
    The standard static labor supply model ignores that it takes time for individuals to adjust to a tax-benefit reform. A labor supply decision model is developed that allows for lagged responses in terms of state dependence, ...
  • Optimal location of renewable power 

    Bjørnebye, Henrik; Hagem, Cathrine; Lind, Arne (Discussion Papers;No. 862, Working paper, 2017-06-17)
    A decarbonization of the energy sector calls for large new investments in renewable energy production. When choosing the location for increased production capacity, the producer has typically limited incentives to take ...
  • Identifying fertility contagion using random fertility shocks 

    Cools, Sara; Kaldager, Rannveig Hart (Discussion Papers;No. 861, Working paper, 2017-06-13)
    Does the fertility behavior of one individual affect the fertility choices of another? This study aims to estimate fertility contagion net of unobserved heterogeneity, using sibling networks as an empirical example. Fertility ...
  • Phasing out coal and phasing in renewables – good or bad news for arctic gas producers? 

    Lindholt, Lars; Glomsrød, Solveig (Discussion Papers;No. 856, Working paper, 2017-03-01)
    This paper examines to what extent downscaling of global coal based electricity generation encourages gas demand and affects regional activity in gas production, with emphasis on the arctic regions. In our reference ...
  • Closing the gender gap in pensions. A microsimulation analysis of the Norwegian NDC pension system 

    Halvorsen, Elin; Pedersen, Axel West (Discussion Papers;No. 855, Working paper, 2017-02-20)
    In this paper we use an advanced micro-simulation model to study the distributional effects of the reformed Norwegian pension system with a particular focus on gender equality. he reformed Norwegian system is based on ...
  • Long term impacts of class size in compulsory school 

    Leuven, Edwin; Løkken, Sturla A. (Discussion Papers;No. 858, Working paper, 2017-03-28)
    How does class size in compulsory school affect peoples’ long run education and earnings? We use maximum class size rules and Norwegian administrative registries allowing us to observe outcomes up to age 48. We do not ...
  • Immigration and the Dutch disease. A counterfactual analysis of the Norwegian resource boom 2004-2013 

    Cappelen, Ådne; Eika, Torbjørn (Discussion Papers;No. 860, Working paper, 2017-06-15)
    The EU-enlargement in 2004 increased labour migration and affected the Norwegian labour market in particular. We study how this modified the Dutch disease effects during the resource boom 2004- 2013. In the Norwegian ...
  • Labor supply analysis with non-convex Budget sets without the Hausman approach 

    Dagsvik, John K.; Strøm, Steinar (Discussion Papers;No. 857, Working paper, 2017-03-14)
    When the budget set is non-convex the application of the Hausman approach to estimate labor supply functions will in general be cumbersome because labor supply no longer depends solely on marginal criteria (first order ...
  • Heterogeneity of the Carnegie Effect 

    Bø, Erlend E.; Halvorsen, Elin; Thoresen, Thor O. (Discussion Papers;No. 853, Working paper, 2016-12-01)
    The Carnegie effect (Holtz-Eakin, Joualfaian and Rosen, 1993) refers to the idea that inherited wealth harms recipient’s work efforts, and possesses a key role in the discussion of taxation of intergenerational ...
  • Churning in thick labor markets. Evidence of heterogeneous responses along the skill and experience gradients 

    Leknes, Stefan (Discussion Papers;No. 866, Working paper, 2017-10-18)
  • Child care center staff composition and early child development 

    Drange, Nina; Rønning, Marte (Discussion Papers;No. 870, Working paper, 2017-12-13)
    We estimate effects of child care center staff composition on early child development. During the years our data covers, child care centers in Oslo were oversubscribed, and child care slots were allocated through a ...
  • Regulation in the presence of adjustment costs and resource scarcity: transition dynamics and intertemporal effects 

    Storrøsten, Halvor Briseid (Discussion Papers;No. 864, Working paper, 2017-09-20)
    Announcement of future environmental regulation is likely to reduce current emissions in the combined presence of resource scarcity and adjustment costs. This contrasts with the results in the literature on the green ...
  • The efficient combination of taxes on fuel and vehicles 

    Bjertnæs, Geir H. M. (Discussion Papers;No. 867, Working paper, 2017-10-17)
  • Productivity dispersion and measurement errors 

    Brasch, Thomas von; Iancu, Diana-Cristina; Skjerpen, Terje (Discussion Papers;No. 869, Working paper, 2017-11-24)
    We outline a novel procedure to identify the role of measurement errors in explaining the empirical dispersion in productivity across establishments. The starting point of our framework is the typical errors-in-variable ...
  • Match quality in housing transactions. What can we learn from comparing buyers and sellers? 

    Bø, Erlend Eide (Discussion Papers;No. 865, Working paper, 2017-10-02)
    Match quality, the part of housing value to the buyer which is unique for each buyer-house match, is important in several housing market matching models, but measuring it is difficult for an econ-ometrician. I suggest ...
  • Exact and inexact decompositions of international price indices 

    Boug, Pål (Discussion Papers;No. 868, Working paper, 2017-10-09)
    Decompositions of international price indices are usually inexact in the sense that the underlying aggregator formula is not exactly reproduced. In this paper, we compare analytically the exact and inexact decompositions ...
  • Gjennomgang av tidligere LÆRERMODframskrivinger 

    Gunnes, Trude (Notater;2017/42, Working paper, 2017-11-30)
    Siden 1998, da modellen LÆRERMOD ble etablert, har Statistisk sentralbyrå (SSB) regelmessig publisert framskrivinger av tilbud og etterspørsel for ulike typer lærere. I dette notatet går vi gjennom tallgrunnlaget og ...
  • Variansestimering for sesongjusterte tall med X-12-ARIMA 

    Pham, Dinh Quang (Notater;2017/44, Working paper, 2017-12-14)
    X-12-ARIMA har vært brukt i Statistisk sentralbyrå i mange år som et verktøy for sesongjustering. Det er en ikke parametrisk metode, der trend- og sesongkomponent blir estimert ved glidende gjennomsnittsteknikk, ikke ...

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