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  • FormAkademisk. Tema: Tegning 

    Asbjørnsen, Martin; Passero, Patí; Sprovin, Mathilde; Heggvold, Janne; Vogt, Stine; Montarou, Christian; Kramer, Hilde; Bjerke, Mona Pahle; Loly, Carsten; Christensen, Jeannette; Austbø, Anne Marit; Jonsbu, Tina; Gerstlauer, Rolf; Dokken, Siri; Lund, Lotte Konow; Bandlien, Brynjar; Graff, Ane; Iversen, Thomas; Schmidt, Franz; Ruud, Vigdis; Bræin, Kirsti; Ellmer, Stefan; Knutsen, Ane Thon; Raein, Maziar; Barth, Theodor; Reitan, Janne; Disen, Karen; Berg, Arild; Frisch, Nina Scott; Brænne, Karen (Journal article, 2018-10-10)
    Temanummer gitt ut i forbindelse med 200-årsjubileet til Tegneskolen ved KHiO, 10.10.2018. Det kommer ut digitalt på og som fysisk avis. (Tospråklig, engelsk/norsk). Sjefsredaktør: Janne Reitan ...
  • Opening by KHiO’s rector and research director 

    Mortensen, Jørn; Lossius, Trond (Conference object; Video, 2018)
    Opening of the Artistic Research Week 2018 by KHiO’s rector Jørn Mortensen and research director Trond Lossius. Time: Tuesday 23 January 2018 Venue: Hovedscenen, Oslo National Academy of the Arts
  • Session 5: Presentation of projects. Anke Coumans - The Relevance of Artistic Research in a social context. Why is it so difficult and at the same time so important for artistic research to relate itself to social environments? 

    Coumans, Anke (Conference object; Video, 2018)
    Anke Coumans, Hanzehogeschool Groningen MINERVA art Academie: The Relevance of Artistic Research in a social context. Why is it so difficult and at the same time so important for artistic research to relate itself to social ...
  • Session 5: Presentation of projects. Michiel Johannes Jansen - Time will tell 

    Jansen, Michiel Johannes (Conference object; Video, 2018)
    Michiel Johannes Jansen, Hanzehogeschool Groningen MINERVA art Academie, will show his collaboration with the Greek PhD artist Eleni Kamma in which art and theatre practices tend to become one. As starting point for the ...
  • Session 7: In dialogue with 

    Guttu, Ane Hjort; Frank, Rike; Lid, Tore Vagn; Barth, Theodor; Gmelin, Felix; Iunker, Finn; Lossius, Trond (Conference object; Video, 2018)
    Part 1: Ane Hjort Guttu in dialogue with Rike Frank Part 2: Tore Vagn Lid in dialogue with Theodor Barth Part 3: Felix Gmelin in dialogue with Rike Frank Part 4: Finn Iunker in dialogue with Trond Lossius Time: ...
  • Session 5: Presentation of projects. Jeremiah Day - The “ominous silence that answers us whenever we dare to ask, not “What are we fighting against” but “What are we fighting for?” 

    Day, Jeremiah (Conference object; Video, 2018)
    In Jeremiah Day’s project “The chair remains empty / But the place is set,” Hannah Arendt’s affirmative argument for council democracy is taken up as a narrative and conceptual lens to consider recent events like the Gezi ...
  • Session 2: How do you know? 

    Šušteršič, Apolonija; Lind, Maria; Maharaj, Sarat; Leiderstam, Matts (Video; Conference object, 2018)
    “How do you know?” is a discursive project challenging artists and other professionals to think, analyze, and deconstruct their own activity in the frame of artistic research and the production of knowledge. Participants: ...
  • Session 5: Presentation of Projects. Jorge Manilla Navarrete - Fragments are not only small parts, the artist as researcher 

    Manilla, Jorge Navarrete (Conference object; Video, 2018)
    How can a visual artist build new interpretations of a body from fragments and how can he submit information about this very personal research process to the public? What is the role of the body in social and individual ...
  • Session 1: Research fellows from the Academy of Dance 

    Fiksdal, Ingri; Bandlien, Brynjar Åbel; Edvardsen, Mette; Lyster, Janne-Camilla; Parkinson, Chrysa (Conference object; Video, 2018)
    Chrysa Parkinson, Professor of New Performative Practices (MA) at Stockholm University of the Arts (department of Dance), in conversation with the four research fellows at KHiO’s Academy of Dance – Ingri Fiksdal, Janne-Camilla ...
  • Kunsten å felle en kirsebærallé 

    Næss, Tale (Journal article, 2017)
    Offentligheten er det stedet som gir oss mulighet til å handle politisk, sier Hannah Arendt. I invitasjonen til seminaret «om det politiske i scenekunsten» skriver Ingri Fiksdal og Valborg Frøysnes at denne offentligheten ...
  • Grafiken i Norge. Utbildningsinstitutioner, verkstäder, publik, Munch och Drottning Sonja 

    Pettersson, Jan Stefan (Journal article, 2018)
    Efter att ha tillbringat 10 år i New York som konstnär där jag arbetat primärt inom grafik och måleri, anlände jag i början av augusti 1995 till Vestlandets Kunstakademi i Bergen, Norge för att ta en tjänst där som förste ...
  • Session 6: Book launch - Jan Pettersson: Printmaking in the expanded field 

    Pettersson, Jan Stefan; Barth, Theodor (Video; Others, 2018)
    Video recording of the book launch of Jan Petterssons book Printmaking in the expanded Field. The book launch was held at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts library, January 24 2018, and was part of the Artistic Resarch ...
  • «Darkness – the enemy inside» - the Oxford reading 

    Næss, Tale (Artistic production, 2017)
    On the 16th of June 2017, there was a reading from the Hybrid Plays project EU Collective Plays! - during the conference Translation into theatre and the Social Sciences in Oxford. The reading was the performative part of ...
  • Print & Drawing Reading Group (Tumblr) 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena (Others, 2018)
    Students and staff recommend and discuss reading material relevant to their artistic practice, including: podcasts, videos, books and exhibitions. The blog documents the non-hierarchical pedagogic activities which take ...
  • #GOSH Remix 4.1 (multi-block print media) 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena (Artistic production, 2018)
    To coincide with Bainbridge Print Studios' 10th birthday, #GOSH remixes where selected for a group exhibition showcasing a diverse and accomplished collection of contemporary print. Exhibited at Bainbridge Open 2018, ...
  • #GOSH remixes (mimeograph print media) 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena (Artistic production, 2018)
    During a study trip to the Jan van Eyck Academie, I applied knowledge gained from 'Training Nature' in the form of vector stencils to the mimeograph print process, with guidance from Erwin Blok. Jan van Eyck Academie, ...
  • #GOSH remixes (risograph print media) 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena (Artistic production, 2018)
    Original risograph remixes printed at the Jan van Eyck Academie, were exhibited as end pages of an artists' publication. Exhibition: MISS READ, Berlin Art Book Festival 2018 at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 04.05.18 ...
  • Love, labour is our oxytocin (prints) 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena (Artistic production, 2018)
    A remix of screenshots taken from One Born Every Minute’s YouTube channel. The hyperboled reality TV series captures women in the throws of labour, though their expressions imply being in the throws of love. Risograph, ...
  • The Sterilisation of a Rave Nation (Prints) 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena (Artistic production, 2018)
    A remix of screenshots taken from Vice’s YouTube channel captures the U.K’s rise of illegal raves since a drop-off in the number of nightclubs from 3,144 in 2005 to 1,733 in 2015. Risograph, reduction relief and multi-plate ...
  • Victoria Browne, KALEID editions 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena (Lecture, 2015)
    Public lecture at Grafikens Hus, Kungliga Konsthögskolan, Stockholm, September 5th 2015. Part of the lecture series Hybrid Printmaking. See also:

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