Rike Frank er førsteamanuensis ved Avdeling Kunstakademiet.

Recent Submissions

  • World Wide Weaving - Atlas. Weaving Globally, Metaphorically and Locally 

    Rasmussen, Hans Hamid; Albrecht, Dorothee; Maharaj, Sarat; Schneider, Julia Gwendolyne; Frank, Rike; Gfader, Verina; Hande, Archana; Sonjasdotter, Åsa; Hamid, Zille Homma; Willemse, Kirsti (Book, 2017)
    Weaving is one of the oldest crafts in human culture, along with knitting and pottery. Ancient textile remains have been found in all parts of the world. But textiles are more than merely intervowen materials. As means of ...