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  • Capital flight, tax policy and lobbyists in Africa 

    Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge (Lifting the veil of secrecy: Perspectives on international taxation and capital flight from Africa, Chapter, 2017-11-01)
    This article examines how the use of tax havens affects tax moral and lobbying, and how tax havens form elites’ and other actors’ incentives to block or promote tax reforms in African countries. A particlar focus is on the ...
  • The rise and fall of the mining royalty regime in Zambia 

    Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge; Fundanga, Caleb; Rakner, Lise (Lifting the veil of secrecy: Perspectives on international taxation and capital flight from Africa, Chapter, 2017-11-01)
    Zambia has a long history of disputed changes of the mining tax regime with damaging effects on the working relations between the Government and the mining sector. A shared assumption has been that profit-related taxes ...
  • With a little help from the banks 

    Heggstad, Kari; Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge (Lifting the veil of secrecy: Perspectives on international taxation and capital flight from Africa, Chapter, 2017-11-01)
    Africa is a source of large-scale capital flight. The purpose of this paper is to shed light on how banks facilitate capital flight from Africa. There is growing evidence that subsidiaries of the world’s major banks have ...
  • Building Fiscal Capacity:The Role of ICT 

    Ali, Merima; Shifa, Abdulaziz B.; Shimeles, Abebe; Woldeyes, Firew (Research report, 2017-01-01)
    Weak fiscal capacity for domestic resource mobilization is the hallmark of poor countries. Recently, many developing countries resorted to the application of information technology to consolidate tax mobilization; however, ...
  • Problemet er systemet 

    Suhrke, Astri; Strand, Arne (Others, 2009-01-01)
    The Problem is the System (English version) Valgkrisen i Afghanistan var bisarre til det siste. President Hamaid Karzai – utskjelt som korrupt leder og valgfusker i stort format – ble utropt til vinner av sin egen ...
  • Economic and social structures that may explain the recent conflicts in the Terai of Nepal 

    Hatlebakk, Magnus (Research report, 2007-01-01)
    We attempt to explain the present ethnic-based conflict in the Terai of Nepal by deeper social and economic structures. Based on previous research on the village economies of Terai we describe the main socio-economic ...
  • Knowledge Management for Anti-Corruption 

    Mathisen, Harald; Duncan, Nick (U4 Issue 2006:2, Research report, 2006-01-01)
    This Issue looks at the following questions: What is knowledge management and why does it matter? How can knowledge management systems be analysed and ranked? Are the U4 partner agencies collectively and individually good ...
  • International Democracy Assistance: Key Lessons 

    Rakner, Lise; Menocal, Alina Rocha; Fritz, Verena (CMI Brief vol. 6 no. 5, Report, 2007-12-06)
    What are the main challenges facing incipient democratic regimes in the developing world and how can donors best support democratisation in these countries? A recent report from the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and ...
  • Er diamantene renvasket? 

    Samset, Ingrid (Others, 2007-01-01)
    Til tross for Kimberley-prosessen kan diamanter fortsatt bidra til både borgerkriger og barnearbeid.
  • Arven fra folkemordet 

    Samset, Ingrid (Others, 2007-11-01)
    Det blir ikke varig fred i Kongo uten en kursendring i Rwanda.
  • Peace Processes and Statebuilding: Economic and Institutional Provisions of Peace Agreements 

    Suhrke, Astri; Wimpelmann, Torunn; Dawes, Marcia (Research report, 2007-06-26)
    This report originates in the growing international engagement in statebuilding and postconflict reconstruction during the past decade. The 2005 Paris declaration of the OECD referred to an emerging international consensus ...
  • Good Governance, Aid Modalities and Poverty Reduction. From Better Theory to Better Practice 

    CDD-Ghana; ESRF; ODI; CMI (Research report, 2008-02-15)
    Leaders of the world community have committed themselves to providing development assistance on a scale and in a form that enables developing countries to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. In 2008, the international ...
  • Decentralisation and gender. A study on coordination and cooperation in LGA for maternal health. 

    Lange, Siri; Schanke, Liss (Research report, 2007-11-26)
    Tanzania initiated the Local Government Reform Programme in 1996. The objective of the reform is decentralisation by devolution, and to strengthen local authorities' ability to deliver quality and accessible services in ...
  • Taxation and state-building: Poor countries in a globalised world 

    Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge; Moore, Mick (Conference object, 2007-01-01)
    How far has the recent global wave of tax reform contributed to state building in poorer countries. Our conclusion mirrors other arguments about globalization more generally: there are a large number of good things to ...
  • Revenue authorities: Experiences from sub-Saharan Africa 

    Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge (Conference object, 2007-08-13)
    In most developing countries national tax collection is carried out by line departments within the Ministry of Finance. However, over the past two decades more than 30 developing countries, especially in Latin America and ...
  • Local revenue mobilization in urban settings 

    Fjeldstad, Odd-Helge (Conference object, 2005-01-01)
    Paper presented at the Workshop on Local Governance and Poverty Alleviation in Africa, African Development Bank, Tunis, 21-24 June 2005
  • Mid-term Evaluation Report of the National Solidarity Programme (NSP), Afghanistan 

    Barakat, Sultan; Strand, Arne (Research report, 2006-01-01)
    Twenty-five years of conflict has left Afghanistan with a profound need for extensive intervention to address reconstruction and development requirements, particularly in rural areas, many of which were never reached by ...
  • Strained Fraternity. Identity Formations, Migration and Social Transformation among Sri Lankan Tamils in Tamil Nadu, India 

    Paus, Nicolay (Master thesis, 2005-01-01)
    This dissertation deals with the situation of the Sri Lankan refugees who have fled to the Indian State of Tamil Nadu - primarily due to the escalating civil war. Their situation in India has been shaped by a series of ...
  • The Informal Credit Market: A Study of Default and Informal Lending in Nepal 

    Haugen, Norunn (Master thesis, 2005-01-01)
    Informal credit markets are still important in developing countries. Despite an increase in supply of formal credit in rural areas, informal lenders remain the dominant source of credit for the poorest households. Improvements ...
  • Ways to Regain Afghan Trust 

    Strand, Arne (Journal article, 2007-01-01)
    If humanitarian agencies are to regain the trust of the Afghans it remains of crucial importance that they continue to demonstrate their distance from the military forces. The military forces need to understand and respect ...

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