• Lekser og matematikk – et diskursivt felt 

      Sørngård, Maria Astad (Master thesis, 2015-05-26)
      Homework has lately been subject of public debate among parents and politicians. Teachers have to a lesser extent participated in this debate. The purpose of this thesis is to study the language and the words teachers use ...
    • Problem posing i matematikk 

      Vethe, Tor Inge (Master thesis, 2015-09-04)
      Denne masteroppgåva søker å identifisere kvalitetar ved bruk av problem posing i matematikkundervising ut frå eit elevperspektiv. Problem posing er i denne oppgåva forstått både som grep og omgrep. Medan problem posing som ...
    • Computer Programming in the Lower Secondary Classroom: Mathematics Learning 

      Lie, Johan; Hauge, Inge Olav; Meaney, Tamsin Jillian (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2017)
    • Constructing elliptic curves with given weil pairing 

      Verdure, Hugues
      "We give a parametrization of the set of isomorphism classses of triples (E, P,Q) where E is an elliptic curve and P, Q are rational l-torsion points with given Weil pairing, when l=5,7. When the base field is finite, we ...