Recent Submissions

  • The role of the top management team and board in academic spin-offs 

    Bjørnåli, Ekaterina S. (HiST AFT Rapport, Peer reviewed; Research report, 2010-04-12)
    This report addresses the under-studied area of the role of the top management team and board of directors in the development of academic spin-off companies originating from universities and public research institutes. The ...
  • Exploring Board Formation and Evolution of Board Composition in Academic Spin-offs 

    Bjørnåli, Ekaterina S.; Gulbrandsen, Magnus (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2010-02)
    An in-depth analysis of eleven cases is used to provide insight into the neglected area of the dynamics of boards in academic spin-offs. Drawing on stage-based, resource dependence and social network theories, we explore ...