Victoria Rowena Browne er førsteamanuensis ved avdeling Kunst og håndverk.

Fra KUF-prosjektet Training Nature -Transforming reduction to multi-plate relief prints. Victoria Browne 2017

Recent Submissions

  • VITRINE - Artists' Publications 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena; Knutsen, Ane Thon; Reed, Erika Lehn; Guðmundsdóttir, Ingibjörg; Roth, Liva Wraae; Norberg, Rebecca; Fiorani, Lucia; Rui, Sun Ming; Tang, Yichun; Johansson, Zoi; Johanströmmer, Viktor (Artistic production, 2018)
    An exhibition of self-published artists’ books by KhiO participants during a recent study trip to the Jan Van Eyck Academie’s Anne Petronille Nypel Lab in Maastricht. Participants: Ane Thon Knutsen, Erika Lehn Reed, ...
  • KALEID 2017 Oslo. Artists' Publishing Archive 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena (Others, 2017)
    Artists’ publications by KhiO’s undergraduate, postgraduate, MPhil and alumni were exhibited as part of BOOKI at Galleria SKALA and archived in the Photography Library at Poznan’s University of Art. The exhibition took ...
  • KALEID 2017 Oslo. Artists' Publishing Seminar, Exhibition, Publishing Fair and Archive. KUF Report 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena (Report, 2017)
    On Friday 12th May, KALEID 2017 Oslo took place at Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Norway’s leading National Academy for the Arts; as an artists’ publishing seminar, exhibition and networking event.
  • KALEID 2017 Artists' Publishing Exhibition 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena (Image, 2017)
    A curated exhibition held between 10th – 15th May 2017 in KhiO’s Library, showcased artists’ publications by The Eriskay Connection, Heavy Books and Morava Books and accompanied a selection by undergraduate, postgraduate, ...
  • Training Nature. Transforming Reduction into Multi-Plate Relief Prints 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena (Research report; Image; Video, 2017)
    The purpose of the research was to revisit the process of carving the block and apportion more time in the studio to printing; to explore colour’s interdependence between static and active as an expressive form of perceptual ...
  • KALEID 2016. Artists' Book Seminar 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena (Video, 2016-05-12)
    KALEID editions ran an artists’ book seminar on Thursday 12th May 2016 at the Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo. Sigrid Calon (the Netherlands), Patrizia Meinhert (Germany) and Jurgen Maelfeyt, Art Paper Editions (Belgium) presented ...
  • KALEID 2016 Oslo. Artists' Book Exhibition and Seminar. Artistic Research and Development. KUF-Report 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena (Others, 2016-08-26)
    On Thursday 12th May, KALEID 2016 Oslo took place at Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Norway’s leading National Academy for the Arts; as an artists’ book exhibition, seminar and networking event.
  • KALEID 2016 Oslo. Artists' Books Exhibition 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena (Image, 2016-05-10)
    An exhibition of artists’ books curated in KHiO’s library between 10th – 12th May launched KALEID editions’ annual collection. Thirty-five artists from Belgium, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, ...