• Achieving dependability in software-defined networking - a perspective 

      Helvik, Bjarne Emil; Heegaard, Poul Einar; Mendiratta, Veena (Chapter; Conference object; Peer reviewed, 2015)
      In this paper we take a closer look at the operationof software defined networking (SDN) in intra-domain networks.The focus is on the dependability issues related to interworking ofSDN controllers, network OS (NOS), and ...
    • A connectionless multicast protocol for MANETs 

      Thi Minh Do, Viet; Landmark, Lars; Kure, Øivind (2012 International Conference on Telecommunications and Multimedia (TEMU);, Chapter; Conference object; Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2012)
      In this paper, the connectionless multicast routing MCOM (Multipoint relay Connectionless Multicast) is introduced for mobile Ad hoc networks. MCOM adapts over a wide ranges of density of group members. It appears as unicast ...
    • A Fault-Tolerant and Consistent SDN Controller 

      Kamisinski, Andrzej; Gonzalez, Andres Javier; Helvik, Bjarne Emil; Nencioni, Gianfranco (Chapter; Conference object; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a new paradigm that promises to enhance network flexibility and innovation. However, operators need to thoroughly assess its advantages and threats before they can implement it. Robustness ...
    • A Measurement-Driven Approach to Understand Urban Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Nordic Cities 

      Ahlers, Dirk; Driscoll, Patric Arthur; Kraemer, Frank Alexander; Anthonisen, Fredrik Valde; Krogstie, John (Conference object; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      Cities are main drivers for climate change mitigation and emission reduction today. However, in many cases they lack reliable baselines of emissions to validate current developments over time, assess the impact of their ...
    • As strong as the weakest link: Handling compromised components in OpenStack 

      Taheri Monfared, Aryan; JAATUN, Martin Gilje (Conference object; Peer reviewed, 2011)
      This paper presents an approach to handle compromised components in an Infrastructure-as-a-Service Cloud Computing platform. Our experiments show that traditional incident handling procedures are applicable for cloud ...
    • A Survey on Network Resiliency Methodologies against Weather-based Disruptions 

      Kmiecik, Wojciech; Rak, Jacek; Medeiros, Carmo; Heegaard, Poul Einar; Mas Machuca, Carmen; André, Joao; Jorge, Luisa; Musumeci, Francesco; Voyiatzis, Artemios; Pasic, Alija; Tornatore, Massimo; Travanca, Rui; Furdek, Marija; Hmaity, Ali; Simpson, Steven; Babarczi, Peter; Martins, Lucia; Følstad, Eirik Larsen; Braun, Torsten (Chapter; Conference object; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      Due to the increasing dependence on network ser- vices of our society, research has recently been concentrating on enhancing traditional protection strategies to withstand large- scale failures, as in case of disaster ...
    • Availability Modelling of Software-Defined Backbone Networks 

      Kamisinski, Andrzej; Gonzalez, Andres Javier; Helvik, Bjarne Emil; Nencioni, Gianfranco; Heegaard, Poul Einar (Chapter; Conference object; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      Software-Defined Networking (SDN) promises to improve the programmability and flexibility of networks, but it may also bring new challenges that need to be explored. The main objective of this paper is to present a ...
    • BatCave: Adding Security to the BATMAN Protocol 

      Bowitz, Anne Gabrielle; Graarud, Espen Grannes; Brown, Lawrie; JAATUN, Martin Gilje (Chapter; Conference object, 2011)
      The Better Approach To Mobile Ad-hoc Networking (BATMAN) protocol is intended as a replacement for protocols such as OLSR, but just like most such efforts, BATMAN has no built-in security features. In this paper we describe ...
    • GEARSHIFT: Guaranteeing availability requirements in SLAs using hybrid fault tolerance 

      Gonzalez, Andres Javier; Helvik, Bjarne Emil; Tiwari, Prakriti; Denis, Becker; Wittner, Otto Jonassen (Chapter; Conference object; Peer reviewed, 2015)
      The dependability of ICT systems is vital for today's society. However, operational systems are not fault free. Providers and customers have to define clear availability requirements and penalties on the delivered services ...
    • Influence of Software and Hardware Failures with Imperfect Fault Coverage on PONs OPEX 

      Fernandez Fernandez, Alvaro; Stol, Norvald (Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modeling;ONDM 2015, Conference object; Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2015)
      Passive Optical Networks (PONs) are one of the preferred technologies to deploy broadband access networks. As time passes, end users presuppose network connectivity to be always available, and expect PONs to be ...
    • Metallization scheme and release methods for fabrication of RF MEMS switches 

      Saha, Shimul Chandra; Sæther, Trond; Jensen, Geir uri; Poppe, Erik; Sagberg, Håkon (Conference object, 2007)
    • Mobile Identity as a tool to develop society 

      Do, Van Thanh; Feng, Boning; Swafford, Clark; Do, Van Thuan; Khuong, Loc Huu (Chapter; Conference object; Peer reviewed, 2015)
      Mobile communication, as its name says, is intended primarily for human to human communication e.g. telephony, SMS, IM, etc. but could be used as a direct active tool in the development of the society. In developing ...
    • Model-Driven Engineering of Dependable Systems 

      Slåtten, Vidar (Conference object, 2010)
    • Monitoring Intrusions and Security Breaches in Highly Distributed Cloud Environments 

      Taheri Monfared, Aryan; Jaatun, Martin Gilje (Chapter; Conference object, 2011)
      Cloud computing is a new computing model, and security is ranked first among its challenges. This paper reviews existing security monitoring mechanisms compared with new challenges which are caused by this new model. We ...
    • On Additive and Multiplicative QoS-QoE Models for Multiple QoS Parameters 

      Hossfelt, Tobias; Skorin-Kapov, Lea; Heegaard, Poul Einar; Varela, Martin; Chen, Kuan-ta (Chapter; Conference object, 2016)
      Generic relationships between QoE and QoS have been inten- sively discussed in literature for single QoS parameters and often found to be logarithmic or exponential. While there are many experimental studies investigating ...
    • On the Impact of Software Failures on Time Division Multiplexed Passive Optical Networks Dependability 

      Fernandez Fernandez, Alvaro; Stol, Norvald (Conference object, 2014)
    • Path Following for Formations of Underactuated Marine Vessels under Influence of Constant Ocean Currents 

      Belleter, Dennis Johannes Wouter; Pettersen, Kristin Ytterstad (Conference object, 2014)
    • Performance evaluation of nsclick simulator for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks 

      Thi Minh Do, Viet; Xie, Lang; Kure, Øivind (Conference object, 2011)
      In order to evaluate the behavior and performance of protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs) both simulation and test bed are often used. The simulation is used in first stages and the test bed is used in final stages ...
    • Preface 

      Mjølsnes, Stig Frode (Lecture Notes in Computer Science;, Chapter; Conference object; Peer reviewed, 2015)
      Hackers, in the wide positive sense, are often enthusiastic presenters of their practical experience and exploits, but quite indifferent to writing papers. By contrast, scientists are good at writing papers, but often ...
    • Protecting PONs: A failure impact, availability and cost perspective based on a geometric model 

      Fernandez Fernandez, Alvaro; Stol, Norvald (Conference object, 2014)