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  • On the Disaster Resiliency within the Context of 5G Networks: The RECODIS Experience 

    Esposito, Christian; Gouglidis, Antonios; Hutchison, David; Gurtov, Andrei; Helvik, Bjarne Emil; Heegaard, Poul Einar; Rizzo, Gianluca; Rak, Jacek (Chapter, 2018)
    Network communications and the Internet pervade our daily activities so deeply that we strongly depend on the availability and quality of the services they provide. For this reason, natural and technological disasters, by ...
  • Hadoop, and Its Mechanisms for Reliable Storage 

    Midthaug, Ingvild Hovdelien (Master thesis, 2018)
    Nowadays the global amount of digital data increases rapidly. Internet-connected devices generate massive amounts of data through various interactions such as digital communication and file sharing. In a world surrounded ...
  • Secure and Verifiable Electronic Elections at NTNU 

    Onshus, Bent Kristoffer Rosvold (Master thesis, 2006)
    This thesis describes an electronic voting system based on Damg\aa rd, Jurik and Nielsen's generalization of Paillier's probabilistic public key system. A threshold variant of this homomorphic cryptosystem is used to provide ...
  • Design of Backbone for Wireless Citywide Networks like Wireless Trondheim 

    Torstensen, Asgeir (Master thesis, 2006)
    This master's thesis will investigate some of the technological solutions available for the construction of a backbone for a wireless citywide network (CWN), such as Wireless Trondheim, and a special attention is given ...
  • Context-Aware Services in Aquaculture - FiFaMoS - Fish Farm Monitoring System 

    Grødal, Jon Arne; Paaske, Frank Gjervik (Master thesis, 2006)
    This thesis focuses on context-aware services that make decisions based on the situation (i.e. context) of the involved entities. Context may in general be based on user input, sensed or derived (e.g. combination of multiple ...
  • En systemanalyse av storskala identitetsforvaltning for aksesstyring 

    Grande, Annette (Master thesis, 2006)
    Internettdekningen her i landet blir stadig bedre, og mange velger å ta i bruk nettbaserte tjenester. Dette er i tråd med regjeringens ønske om å effektivisere offentlig og privat sektor ved å anvende IKT der det er mulig. ...
  • Bluetooth enabled Peer2Peer services in ActorFrame 

    Kristiansen, Stephan Søreng (Master thesis, 2006)
    To make services for mobile devices more user friendly wireless communication is a very helpful tool. Wireless communication normally requires no or very little user input, and communication over a wireless interface is ...
  • Security and Privacy in RFID Applications 

    Haver, Torstein (Master thesis, 2006)
    Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a very versatile technology. It has the potential to increase the efficiency of many common applications and is thus becoming increasingly popular. The main drawback is that the ...
  • Composing distributed 3D scenes 

    Ness, Stein Olav (Master thesis, 2006)
    The Distributed Multimedia Plays (DMP) System Architecture provides combined adaptive scene resolution and traffic control in packet networks, see This project focuses on adaptive scene ...
  • Privacy handling in context dissemination 

    Egeland, Silje Bentzen (Master thesis, 2006)
    Pervasive environments are characterized by ubiquitous, mobile and embedded computing devices and wireless networking. The vision is an environment where the technology resides in the background ready to be used when it ...
  • Contex-Aware Call Control 

    Vestmoen, Håkon (Master thesis, 2006)
  • Adding Security to Web Services - An Automatic, Verifiable, and Centralized Mechanism for Web Services Input Validation 

    Brekken, Lars Arne; Åsprang, Rune Frøysa (Master thesis, 2006)
    Accepting unvalidated input is considered today's greatest web security threat. This master's thesis addresses that threat by proposing an automatic and centralized mechanism for validating web services input. By building ...
  • Using SIM for strong end-to-end Application Authentication 

    Lunde, Lars; Wangensteen, Audun (Master thesis, 2006)
    Today the Internet is mostly used for services that require low or none security. The commercial and governmental applications have started to emerge but met problems since they require strong authentication, which is both ...
  • The Future Mobile Entertainment Service - Multimedia Experience on 3G 

    Lipska, Magdalena Katarzyna (Master thesis, 2006)
    The Thesis proposes a new entertainment service for mobile phones.
  • Sikkerhet i VoIP-portnere 

    Kristensveen, David (Master thesis, 2006)
    Session Initiation Protocol(SIP) er i ferd med å bli den ledende signaleringsprotokollen i forbindelse med IP-telefoni. SIP benyttes til å initiere, modifisere og terminere interaktive sesjoner. Arkitekturens to hovedkomponenter ...
  • Simulation of Performance Scalability in Pervasive Systems 

    Berg, Hans Inge (Master thesis, 2006)
    As increasingly more services and devices become integrated into pervasive systems, future network topologies will be vastly more sophisticated with numerous heterogeneous devices interconnected. To integrate a new service ...
  • Elektronisk resept vurdert mot pasientgruppers behov 

    Heibø, Mari (Master thesis, 2006)
    Det siste tiåret har det vært lagt stadig mer vekt på elektronisk samhandling i helsesektoren. Som en del av eNorgestrategien er elektroniske resepter planlag innført innen utgangen av 2008. Arbeidet med eResept har begynt ...
  • Forensic analysis of an unknown embedded device 

    Eide, Jarle; Olsen, Jan Ove Skogheim (Master thesis, 2006)
    Every year thousands of new digital consumer device models come on the market. These devices include video cameras, photo cameras, computers, mobile phones and a multitude of different combinations. Most of these devices ...
  • The Cost of meeting Bandwidth Demand 

    Staude, Anders Christian (Master thesis, 2006)
    Telenor is faced with complex decisions regarding their access network strategies. Competitors are given the right to use Telenor?s copper access network through LLUB (Local Loop Un-Bundling) regulations. Competition is ...
  • Analysis and Visualization of Urban Emission Measurements in Smart Cities 

    Ahlers, Dirk; Kraemer, Frank Alexander; Bråten, Anders Eivind; Liu, Xiufeng; Anthonisen, Fredrik Valde; Driscoll, Patrick Arthur; Krogstie, John (Chapter, 2018)
    Cities worldwide aim to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality for their citizens. Therefore, there is a need to implement smart city approaches to monitor, model, and understand local emissions to ...

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