Recent Submissions

  • Breathing with Styrofoam 

    Barlow, Susanna (Master thesis, 2017)
    I am interested in the conditions of an emergent understanding of the self: one that has departed from sovereignty yet has not completely lost a sense of self. It is fleeting, always in motion, and cannot be fully grasped. ...
  • Nothing Is Set In Stone - Performativity, Space, and the Abstract Body 

    Foltyn, Agnieszka (Master thesis, 2017)
    This is a performative text. It is written in two distinct and intertwining voices. The first is a lyrical and reflective description of my interaction with the process of creation, materials, imagination, and experience ...
  • Shoot! Don’t Talk 

    Shani, Yanir (Master thesis, 2017)
    “Home is my physical body. Home is nature, Earth. The feeling of home is something different. It’s an exchange of unconditional love between human beings. It’s a compassionate energy, which makes you feel safe and gives ...
  • The Great Inside: Anthropocentric Transformation of Earth Surfaces 

    Gündoğar, Sercan (Master thesis, 2016)
    The main focus of this work is the elusive boundaries of human civilization. Images investigate human marks on various landscapes and transformative characteristics of cultural and natural areas. Anthropocentric revolution ...
  • A Rural Society: Jøa 

    Skålnes, Inga (Master thesis, 2016)

    Amundsen, Ørjan (Master thesis, 2016)
    This exegesis is a complement to, and a critical reflection of the mixed media art work 3, which explores alternative forms of secular religion and religiosity, within the context of contemporary western societies. ...
  • Place, boundaries and the essentials - A Mexican spice boiled into the Scandinavian Space 

    Roura, Enrique (Master thesis, 2016)
    The following text, along with an art installation in the Master exhibition (2016), at TKM Gråmølna (Trondheim, Norway), are the result of an artistic research, in order to obtain the Master degree in Fine Arts (MFA). It ...
  • Powerhouse Kjørbo: a plus-energy renovation office building project in Norway 

    Thyholt, Marit; Dokka, Tor Helge; Jenssen, Bjørn (Conference object, 2013)
    Block 4 – Session 11, Renovation track: Design of renovation
  • Amnesia 

    Haghighivand, Saman (Master thesis, 2015)
    In the beginning of my study at KIT, After a period of struggling, the subject of refugee/immigrant's traumas got the most interesting subject for me to work on. A proper medium which is harmonized with this subject is ...