• 1:1 - et ekstra bygg til barnehagen 

      Endresen, Håvard Holm (Master thesis, 2011)
    • 1+1=okänt, en møjlighetsstudie 

      Wik, Sara Kamilla (Master thesis, 2015)
    • 11:59 - 12:00 - 12:01 

      Melås, Bjørn Inge; Rosenlund, Alexander Rullan (Master thesis, 2013)
    • 123.Z / Nidelva - en studie av samspillet mellom elv og by 

      Bersvendsen, Per-Leif; Foss, Ragnhild Pedersen (Master thesis, 2014)
    • 141° mot sør 

      Schlenker-Bø, Johannes (Master thesis, 2013)
    • 1883 moh. 

      Maastad, Mette Berg; Væting, Serine (Master thesis, 2014)
    • 1892 - nye kapitler i sementfabrikken i Slemmestad 

      Berger, Julie Gaby (Master thesis, 2017)
    • 3D Computer Graphics and Nautical Charts 

      Porathe, Thomas (Chapter; Conference object; Peer reviewed, 2011)
      This paper gives an overview of an ongoing project using real-time 3D visualization to display nautical charts in a way used by 3D computer games. By displaying the map in an egocentric perspective the need to make cognitively ...
    • 3D-grafikk til programmet Match for TVNorge 

      Frugård, Stein Erik; Nag, Øystein Leiknes; Johansen, Ellen (Bachelor thesis, 2004)
      Prosjektet går i hovedsak ut på å lage et norgeskart i 3D, en vignett, studioplanlegging og grafi sk profi l til programmet Match for TVNorge. Norgeskartet skal klargjøres for oppkobling mot posisjoneringssystemet til Telenor.
    • 3-D Nautical Charts as Decision Support for Land Based Piloting 

      Porathe, Thomas (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2008)
      In the event that remote pilotage is introduced in a wider extent, this paper suggests using nautical charts displayed in a 3-D egocentric perspective to improve situation awareness for both for the land based pilot and ...
    • 3D Visualisering på Web 

      Kvisler, Jon Espen; Stalsberg, Aleksander (Bachelor thesis, 2009)
      Det finnes per i dag ingen metode for å laste opp egenproduserte 3D-modeller fra en klientmaskin og vise disse i et interaktivt 3D-miljø via nettleseren. Oppdragsgiver har gjennomført undersøkelser som viser at det er et ...
    • 800 ÅR TIL - vedlikehald av stavkyrkjer 

      Øveraasen, Ingebjørg (Master thesis, 2012)
    • Aba Shawl - ripples of water  :   

      Amundsen, Silje Høyem; Mathisen, Kjersti Os (Master thesis, 2011)
    • Abstractive microblogs summarization 

      Uvarova, Nataliia (Master thesis, 2015)
      Microblogging is a new electronic communication medium based on short status updates containing personal and instant information. Due to the popularity of microblogs, the volume of information is enormous and big portion ...
    • Accelerated aging of treated aluminum for use as a cool colored material for facades 

      Ihara, Takeshi; Jelle, Bjørn Petter; Gao, Tao; Gustavsen, Arild (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      Cool colored materials like membrane sheets and dried coatings exhibit higher reflectances in the near infrared region compared to conventional materials of the same color and are therefore desirable, as they provide energy ...
    • Accelerated climate aging of building materials and their characterization by Fourier transform infrared radiation analysis 

      Jelle, Bjørn Petter; Nilsen, Tom-Nils; Hovde, Per Jostein; Gustavsen, Arild (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2012)
      Building materials and their durability and aging are essential to the performance of buildings and their building physical aspects over time. Accelerated climate aging investigations are carried out in order to study the ...
    • Acceptance of 3D-gestures based on age, gender and experience 

      Comtet, Hans (Master thesis, 2013)
      Older people are increasingly using technology in their daily lives, but at the same time, they often experience problems when interacting with new technology. Younger adults have more experience in using new technology, ...
    • Adaptability 

      Geraedts, Rob; Olsson, Nils; Hansen, Geir Karsten (Chapter, 2017)
      Real estate is a product with a high economic value, a long technical life cycle and a large spatial-physical impact. That is why it is of great societal importance to use real estate as efficient as possible. To enable a ...
    • Adding social annotations to electronic dokuments 

      Wenner, Daniel (Master thesis, 2008)
      While annotations have been common in normal books for a long time it has never been a big hit in electronic documents. In normal books it has been proven that it can be useful to make annotations and to read other peoples ...
    • Advanced transparent facades: market available products and associated challenges in building performance simulation 

      Taveres-Cachat, Ellika; Grynning, Steinar; Almas, Oddvar; Goia, Francesco (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      The starting point of this study is to provide a non-exhaustive overview of relevant transparent advanced facade technologies available on the market and suited to Nordic climates. A corresponding literature review is ...