• Excellence and innovation in research policy - external steering and internal responses 

      Borlaug, Siri Brorstad (Series of Dissertations submitted to the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo;, Doctoral thesis, 2015)
      The past two decades have seen a number of transnational governance instruments aiming for excellence and innovation in research. This thesis examines three instruments adopted by several OECD countries: Centres of Excellence ...
    • Identifying and facilitating high quality research 

      Langfeldt, Liv; Aagaard, Kaare; Borlaug, Siri Brorstad; Sivertsen, Gunnar (R-QUEST Policy Brief;1, Others, 2016)
      Policies attempting to promote high quality research are widespread. But what does it mean to promote high quality research? And do the policies work? This policy brief summarises what we know and do not know about these issues.
    • Verdiskaping i forskningsbaserte selskaper og lisenser støttet av FORNY-programmet 

      Rasmussen, Einar; Borlaug, Siri Brorstad; Bulanova, Oxana; Clausen, Tommy; Spilling, Olav R.; Sveen, Tore (SIB-rapport;2-2013, Research report, 2013-08)
      FORNY2020 er Forskningsrådets program for å bringe resultater fra offentlig finansierte forskningsinstitusjoner fram til markedet. Denne rapporten presenterer funnene fra en undersøkelse av reell og latent verdiskaping i ...