Danner, Tobias; De Weerdt, Klaartje; Geiker, Mette Rica (Chapter; Conference object; Journal article, 2017)
      In this paper we illustrate the applicability of µ-XRF for investigations of chloride ingress and self-healing in cracked concrete. A cracked and an uncracked concrete core exposed to seawater for more than 30 years were ...
    • 0-RTT Key Exchange with Full Forward Secrecy 

      Günther, Felix; Hale, Britta; Jager, Tibor; Lauer, Sebastian (Chapter, 2017)
      Reducing latency overhead while maintaining critical security guarantees like forward secrecy has become a major design goal for key exchange (KE) protocols, both in academia and industry. Of particular interest in this ...
    • 1.9 micron Tm3+-doped germanate fiber laser source for Si-processing 

      Dvoyrin, Vladislav; Sorokina, Irina T; Okhotnikov, Oleg; Mashinsky, Valery M.; Ischakova, Lyudmila D.; Dianov, Evgenii M; Khopin, Vladimir F.; Guryanov, Aleksey N. (Chapter, 2011)
      We report development of a novel Tm3+ -doped fiber laser source at 1.86 μm based on highly nonlinear 55GeO2-45SiO2 dispersion shifted fiber, applicable to 3D-volume microprocessing of Si.
    • 11 years of Experts in teamwork at NTNU 

      Larsen, Bjørn B. (Chapter, 2012)
      “Experts in teamwork” is an obligatory subject for all master students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The students are organised in interdisci-plinary teams of 5 from at least 3 different ...
    • 2.4 μm dual-comb spectroscopy 

      Bernhardt, B; Sorokin, Evgeni; Jacquet, P; Thon, R; Becker, T; Sorokina, Irina T; Hansch, TW; Picque, Nathalie (Chapter, 2010)
      A proof-of-principle experiment of mid-infrared frequency comb Fourier transform spectroscopy is carried out with two interfering Cr2+:ZnSe femtosecond oscillators, emitting around 2400 nm. Spectra of acetylene are measured ...
    • 3D Computer Graphics and Nautical Charts 

      Porathe, Thomas (Chapter; Conference object; Peer reviewed, 2011)
      This paper gives an overview of an ongoing project using real-time 3D visualization to display nautical charts in a way used by 3D computer games. By displaying the map in an egocentric perspective the need to make cognitively ...
    • 3D FE tool for time dependent settlement predictions 

      Jostad, Hans Petter; Sivasithamparam, Nallathamby; Woldeselassie, B.H.; Lacasse, Suzanne (Chapter, 2016)
      A newly developed calculation tool for fully coupled general 3D finite element consolidation analyses is presented. The development has been part of an ongoing Research and Development project called GeoFuture and the tool ...
    • 3-D Nautical Charts as Decision Support for Land Based Piloting 

      Porathe, Thomas (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2008)
      In the event that remote pilotage is introduced in a wider extent, this paper suggests using nautical charts displayed in a 3-D egocentric perspective to improve situation awareness for both for the land based pilot and ...
    • 3D Numerical modelling of pile scour with free surface profile under waves and current using the level set method in model REEF3D 

      Ahmad, Nadeem; Bihs, Hans; Kamath, Arun; Arntsen, Øivind Asgeir (Chapter, 2016)
      Wave action stirs up sediments and keeps it in suspension while currents wash it away from the coastal zone. The combined action of the waves and current close to the sediment bed may worsen the situation by creating ...
    • 3W Raman Soliton Tunable between 2-2.2 µm in Tm-Doped Fiber MOPA 

      Dvoyrin, Vladislav; Klimentov, Dmitry; Sorokina, Irina T (Chapter, 2013)
      The simple and compact Tm-doped fiber MOPA generates tunable between 2-2.2 µm Raman solitons with average power up to 3W. Pulses as short as 130 fs and energy up to 38 nJ were demonstrated.
    • 5 W Supercontinuum Generation at 1.9-2.5 μm from a Tm-Doped All-Fiber MOPA Laser 

      Dvoyrin, Vladislav; Sorokina, Irina T (Chapter, 2013)
      We report a simple method of generating flat-top high power (5W) supercontinuum from an all-silica-fiber Tm-MOPA laser emitting in the interesting for applications 1.96-2.48 μm range (at -5 dB level), covering transparency ...
    • A 2D sediment bed morphodynamics model for turbulent, non-Newtonian, particle-loaded flows 

      Busch, Alexander; Khatibi, Milad; Johansen, Stein Tore; Time, Rune Wiggo (Chapter, 2017)
      In petroleum drilling, cuttings transport problems, i.e. an accumulation of drilled of solids in the wellbore, are a major contributor to well downtime and have therefore been extensively researched over the years, both ...
    • A 3D motion planning framework for snake robots 

      Liljebäck, Pål; Pettersen, Kristin Ytterstad; Stavdahl, Øyvind; Gravdahl, Jan Tommy (Chapter, 2014)
      This paper presents a motion planning framework for three-dimensional body shape control of snake robots. Whereas conventional motion planning approaches define the body shape of snake robots in terms of their individual ...
    • A bézier curve based ship trajectory optimization for close-range maritime operations 

      Li, Guoyuan; Zhang, Houxiang (Chapter, 2017)
      Ship maneuvering in close-range maritime operations is challenging for pilots, since they have to not only prevent the ship from collisions and compensate environmental impacts, but also steer it close to the target towards ...
    • A cartesian cut-cell method, based on formal volume averaging of mass, momentum equations 

      Dang, Son Tung; Johansen, Stein Tore; Meese, Ernst A. (Chapter, 2017)
      Simulation of multiphase flows are generally treated by various classes of Eulerian methods, Lagrangian methods and various combinations of these. In the SIMCOFLOW initiative we have set out to develop a framework for ...
    • A case of dynamic risk management in the subarctic region 

      Paltrinieri, Nicola; Grøtan, Tor Olav; Bucelli, Marta; Landucci, Gabriele (Chapter; Conference object, 2017)
    • Accuracy of Sea Ice Floe Size Observation from an Aerial Camera at Slant Angles 

      Rodin, Christopher D; Johansen, Tor Arne (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      The importance of measuring the size of ice floes in e.g. marine navigation and environmental sciences has made it a frequently performed procedure. When real-time data is required, images from a camera on-board an aerial ...
    • Achieving dependability in software-defined networking - a perspective 

      Helvik, Bjarne Emil; Heegaard, Poul Einar; Mendiratta, Veena (Chapter; Conference object; Peer reviewed, 2015)
      In this paper we take a closer look at the operationof software defined networking (SDN) in intra-domain networks.The focus is on the dependability issues related to interworking ofSDN controllers, network OS (NOS), and ...
    • A Combined Liquefied Natural Gas Routing and Deteriorating Inventory Management Problem 

      Ghiami, Yousef; Van Woensel, Tom; Christiansen, Marielle; Laporte, Gilbert (Chapter, 2015)
      Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is becoming a more crucial source of energy due to its increased price competitiveness and environmental friendliness. We consider an inventory routing problem for inland distribution of LNG ...
    • A comparative study of beam element formulations for nonlinear analysis: corotatinal vs. geometrically exact formulations 

      Mathisen, Kjell Magne; Bazilevs, Yuri; Haugen, Bjørn; Helgedagsrud, Tore Andreas; Kvamsdal, Trond; Okstad, Knut Morten; Raknes, Siv Bente (Chapter, 2017)
      In this work the geometrically exact three-dimensional beam theory has been used as basis for development of a family of isoparametric higher order large deformation curved beam elements. Geometrically exact three-dimensional ...