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  • Dødsårsak og opprinnelse for alkefugler som strandet på Rogalandskysten i februar 2003 

    Aarvak, Tomas; Anker-Nilssen, Tycho (NINA Rapport;95, Research report, 2005)
    Aarvak, T. & Anker-Nilssen, T. 2005. Dødsårsak og opprinnelse for alkefugler som strandet på Rogalandskysten i februar 2003. – NINA Rapport 95. Etter en episode med massedød av sjøfugler tidlig i februar 2003 på kysten ...
  • Moult location and diet of auks in the North Sea inferred from coupled light-based and isotope-based geolocation 

    Glew, Katie St. John; Wanless, Sarah; Harris, Michael P.; Daunt, Francis; Erikstad, Kjell E; Strøm, Hallvard; Trueman, Clive N. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
    Many pelagic seabirds moult their feathers while at sea, which is an energetically costly behaviour. Mortality rates during moult can be high, so spatial and trophic ecology during this critical period is important for ...
  • Assessing the Use of Artificial Hibernacula by the Great Crested Newt (Triturus cristatus) and Smooth Newt (Lissotriton vulgaris) in Cold Climate in Southeast Norway 

    Dervo, Børre Kind; Museth, Jon; Skurdal, Jostein (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
    Construction of artificial overwintering habitats, hibernacula, or newt hotels, is an important mitigation measure for newt populations in urban and agricultural areas. We have monitored the use of four artificial hotels ...
  • Tundra greenness 

    Epstein, Howard E.; Bhatt, U.S.; Raynolds, M.; Walker, D.; Pinzon, J.; Tucker, C.J.; Forbes, B.C.; Horstkotte, T.; Macias-Fauria, M.; Martin, A.; Phoenix, G.; Bjerke, Jarle W.; Tømmervik, Hans; Fauchald, Per; Vickers, H.; Myneni, R.; Park, T.; Dickerson, C. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
  • Introduced European smelt (Osmerus eperlanus) affects food web and fish community in a large Norwegian lake 

    Eloranta, Antti; Johnsen, Stein Ivar; Power, Michael; Bærum, Kim Magnus; Sandlund, Odd Terje; Finstad, Anders Gravbrøt; Rognerud, Sigurd; Museth, Jon (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
    Invasive and introduced fishes can affect recipient ecosystems and native species via altered competitive and predatory interactions, potentially leading to top-down and bottom-up cascading impacts. Here, we describe a ...
  • Challenges to ecosystem service valuation for wealth accounting 

    Grimsrud, Kristine; Lindhjem, Henrik; Barton, David Nicholas; Navrud, Ståle (Chapter, 2018)
  • Gastropod grazing may prevent reintroduction of declining N-fixing epiphytic lichens in broadleaved deciduous forests 

    Gauslaa, Yngvar; Johlander, Stina; Nordén, Björn (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
    We studied the potential to use reintroduction of two declining N-fixing flagship lichens to identify factors affecting failure or success in SW Swedish sites that had experienced substantially reduced acidification. After ...
  • Vindkraftverk ved Måsvik, Troms. Revidert konsekvensutredning for fugl og annet dyreliv 

    Jacobsen, Karl-Otto; Johnsen, Trond Vidar; Tombre, Ingunn (NINA Rapport;320, Research report, 2007)
    Jacobsen, K.-O., Johnsen, T.V. & Tombre, I. 2007. Vindkraftverk ved Måsvik, Troms. Revidert konsekvensutredning for fugl og annet dyreliv. - NINA Rapport 320. I forbindelse med planlegging av vindkraftverk ved Måsvik på ...
  • Multiple stressors: modeling the effect of pollution, climate, and predation on viability of a sub-arctic marine bird 

    Bårdsen, Bård-Jørgen; Hanssen, Sveinn Are; Bustnes, Jan Ove (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
    Negative effects of long-transported pollutants, such as many persistent organic pollutants (POPs), on seabirds and other top predators have been documented for decades. Yet, the concentrations, and hence, the negative ...
  • Evolutionary signals of selection on cognition from the great tit genome and methylome 

    Laine, Veronika N.; Gossmann, Toni; Schachtschneider, Kyle M.; Garroway, Colin J.; Madsen, Ole; Verhoeven, Koen J.F.; de Jager, Victor; Megens, Hendrik-Jan; Warren, Wesley C.; Minx, Patrick; Crooijmans, Richard P.M.A.; Corcoran, Pádraic; Adriaensen, Frank; Belda, Eduardo; Bushuev, Andrey; Cichon, Mariusz; Charmantier, Anne; Dingemanse, Niels; Doligez, Blandine; Eeva, Tapio; Erikstad, Kjell E; Fedorov, Slava; Hau, Michaela; Hille, Sabine; Hinde, Camilla; Kempenaers, Bart; Kerimov, Anvar; Krist, Milos; Mand, Raivo; Matthysen, Erik; Nager, Reudi; Norte, Claudia; Orell, Markku; Richner, Heinz; Slagsvold, Tore; Tilgar, Vallo; Tinbergen, Joost; Torok, Janos; Tschirren, Barbara; Yuta, Tera; Sheldon, Ben C.; Slate, Jon; Zeng, Kai; van Oers, Kees; Visser, Marcel E.; Groenen, Martien A.M. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016)
    For over 50 years, the great tit (Parus major) has been a model species for research in evolutionary, ecological and behavioural research; in particular, learning and cognition have been intensively studied. Here, to ...
  • Effect of Habitat Size, Quality, and Isolation on Functional Groups of Beetles in Hollow Oaks 

    Pilskog, Hanne Eik; Birkemoe, Tone; Framstad, Erik; Sverdrup-Thygeson, Anne (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016)
    One of the largest threats to biodiversity is land use change and habitat loss. Hollow oaks (Quercus spp. L.) are welldefined patches that are hotspots for biodiversity and red-listed species, but they are often rare and ...
  • First case of chronic wasting disease in Europe in a Norwegian free‑ranging reindeer 

    Benestad, Sylvie Lafond; Mitchell, Gordon; Simmons, Marion M; Ytrehus, Bjørnar; Vikøren, Turid (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016)
    Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is a fatal contagious prion disease in cervids that is enzootic in some areas in North America. The disease has been found in deer, elk and moose in the USA and Canada, and in South Korea ...
  • More stable productivity of semi natural grasslands than sown pastures in a seasonally dry climate 

    Ospina, Sonia; Rusch, Graciela; Pezo, Danilo; Casanoves, Fernando; Sinclair, Fergus L. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2012)
    In the Neotropics the predominant pathway to intensify productivity is generally thought to be to convert grasslands to sown pastures, mostly in monoculture. This article examines how above-ground net primary productivity ...
  • Environmental benefits of leaving offshore infrastructure in the ocean 

    Fowler, Ashley M.; Jørgensen, Anne-Mette; Svendsen, Jon C.; Macreadie, Peter I.; Jones, Daniel O.B.; Boon, Arjen R.; Booth, David J.; Brabant, Robin; Callahan, Emily; Claisse, Jeremy T.; Dahlgren, Thomas G.; Degraer, Steven; Dokken, Quenton R.; Gill, Andrew B.; Johns, David G.; Leewis, Robert J.; Lindeboom, Han J.; Linden, Olof; May, Roelof Frans; Murk, Albertinka J.; Ottersen, Geir; Schroeder, Donna M.; Shastri, Sunil M.; Teilmann, Jonas; Todd, Victoria; Hoey, Gert Van; Vanaverbeke, Jan; Coolen, Joop W.P. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
    The removal of thousands of structures associated with oil and gas development from the world’s oceans is well underway, yet the environmental impacts of this decommissioning practice remain unknown. Similar impacts will ...
  • BioTIME: A database of biodiversity time series for the Anthropocene 

    Dornelas, Maria; Antao, Laura H.; Moyes, Faye; Bates, Amanda E.; Magurran, Anne E.; Adam, Dusan; Akhmetzhanova, Asem A.; Appeltans, Ward; Arcos, Jose Manuel; Arnold, Haley; Ayyappan, Narayanan; Badihi, Gal; Baird, Andres H.; Barbosa, Miguel; Barreto, Tiago Egydio; Bässler, Claus; Bellgrove, Alecia; Belmaker, Jonathan; Benedetti-Cecchi, Lisandro; Bett, Brian J.; Bjorkman, Anne D.; Błazewicz, Magdalena; Blowes, Shane A.; Bloch, Christopher P.; Bonebrake, Timothy C.; Boyd, Susan; Bradford, Matt; Brooks, Andrew J.; Brown, James H.; Bruelheide, Helge; Budy, Phaedra; Carvalho, Fernando; Castaneda-Moya, Edward; Chen, Chaolun Allen; Chamblee, John F.; Chase, Tory J.; Collier, Laura Siegwart; Cooper, Elisabeth J.; Cornelissen, J. Hans C.; Cotano, Unai; Crow, Shannan Kyle; Damasceno, Gabriella; Davies, Claire H.; Davis, Robert A.; Day, Frank P.; Degraer, Steven; Doherty, Tim S.; Dunn, Timothy E.; Durigan, Giselda; Hofgaard, Annika; Johannessen, Tore; Klanderud, Kari; Knutsen, Halvor; Olsen, Esben Moland (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
  • Stable isotopes and gut contents indicate differential resource use by coexisting asp (Leuciscus aspius) and pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) 

    Vašek, Mojmír; Eloranta, Antti; Vejříková, Ivana; Blabolil, Petr; Říha, Milan; Jůza, Tomáš; Šmejkal, Marek; Matěna, Josef; Kubečka, Jan; Peterka, Jiří (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
    Differential use of habitat and prey resources is an important mechanism that may allow coexistence of sympatric species. Unlike interactions between smaller cyprinid and percid fishes, the resource use by coexisting ...
  • Twenty species of bitunicate ascomycetes new to Norway 

    Nordén, Björn; Jäntti, Mari; Jordal, John Bjarne; Læssøe, Thomas; Voglmayr, Hermann; Jaklitsch, Walter (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
    We here report the following 20 species of non-lichenized bitunicate ascomycetes as new to Norway: Antealophiotrema brunneosporum, Botryosphaeria corticola, Capronia munkii, Capronia normandinae, Capronia parasitica, ...
  • Entoloma species of the rhodopolioid clade (subgenus Entoloma; Tricholomatinae, Basidiomycota) in Norway 

    Brandrud, Tor Erik; Bendiksen, Egil; Jordal, John Bjarne; Weholt, Øyvind; Eidissen, Siw Elin; Lorås, Jostein Arve; Dima, Balint; Noordeloos, Machiel E. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
    Gruppa omkring lutrødspore (Rhodopoliagruppa) i slekta rødspore (Entoloma) i Norge presenteres. Gruppa består av musserongaktige og flathattaktige, sjelden traktsoppaktige, mykorrhiza(sopprot)-dannende arter. I alt 24 arter ...
  • Three species of Sordariomycetes (Ascomycota: Pezizomycotina) new to Norway 

    Nordén, Björn; Jäntti, Mari; Jordal, John Bjarne (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
    Three species of Sordariomycetes (Ascomycota: Pezizomycotina) new to Norway
  • Rare, whitish–pale ochre Cortinarius species of sect. Calochroi from calcareous Tilia forests in South East Norway 

    Brandrud, Tor Erik; Frøslev, Tobias Guldberg; Dima, Bálint (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
    Rare, whitish–pale ochre Cortinarius species of sect. Calochroi from calcareous Tilia forests in South East Norway

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