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  • Session 7: In dialogue with 

    Guttu, Ane Hjort; Frank, Rike; Lid, Tore Vagn; Barth, Theodor; Gmelin, Felix; Iunker, Finn; Lossius, Trond (Conference object; Video, 2018)
    Part 1: Ane Hjort Guttu in dialogue with Rike Frank Part 2: Tore Vagn Lid in dialogue with Theodor Barth Part 3: Felix Gmelin in dialogue with Rike Frank Part 4: Finn Iunker in dialogue with Trond Lossius Time: ...
  • Exhibiting: From the Event to the Document and its Remediation 

    Frank, Rike (Report, 2016)
    Unlike many art works, theater plays, or films, the exhibition is hardly ever re-installed, re-shown or repeated. It is a time based, mostly singular event. And as such it relies on the live experience as much as on ...
  • Of(f) Our Times: The Aftermath of the Ephemeral and other Curatorial Anachronics 

    Frank, Rike (Report, 2017)
    A two-part public seminar organized by Rike Frank and Beatrice von Bismarck with lectures, presentationsand discussions critically reflecting on the concept of “exhibition history”, featuring contributions by artists, ...
  • MISS READ: Berlin Art Book Festival 2018 

    Browne, Victoria Rowena; Guttormsen, Beatrice; Macmillan, Elise; Reed, Erika; Pettersson, Jan Stefan; Christensen, Jeannette; Williams, Jessica; Tetrick, Lea Josephine; Roth, Liva Wraae; Fiorani, Lucia; Hellberg, Mattias; Bhuian, Md Wahiduzzaman; Bjørkendal, Nina; Tang, Yichun; Jeon, Youngshin; Johansson, Zoi (Artistic production, 2018)
    Founded in 2009, MISS READ is Europe’s major Art Book Festival, dedicated to community-building and creating a public meeting place for discourse around artists’ books, conceptual publications and publishing as practice. ...
  • We wish you welcome to an active, inspiring and participatory day! 

    Gmelin, Felix (Video, 2017)
    We are being evaluated, but who is evaluating who, and on what terms? Today universities are obliged to be transparent and comparable by the “Bologna Process”, which is great for student mobility. But who is evaluating who ...
  • Sicherheit / Curious in Brown 

    Holmkvist, Saskia; Nyman, Ellen; Oprea, Corina (Report, 2017)
    The film "Sicherheit" takes the temperature of a number of current issues linked to the changing self-image of Sweden. The film considers an inherent contradiction in the liberal West, and Sweden more specifically, in ...
  • World Wide Weaving - Atlas. Weaving Globally, Metaphorically and Locally 

    Rasmussen, Hans Hamid; Albrecht, Dorothee; Maharaj, Sarat; Schneider, Julia Gwendolyne; Frank, Rike; Gfader, Verina; Hande, Archana; Sonjasdotter, Åsa; Hamid, Zille Homma; Willemse, Kirsti (Book, 2017)
    Weaving is one of the oldest crafts in human culture, along with knitting and pottery. Ancient textile remains have been found in all parts of the world. But textiles are more than merely intervowen materials. As means of ...
  • Book launch for "Here is Information. Mobilise" 

    Sperlinger, Mike (Report, 2017)
    Launch for the book "Here is Information. Mobilise - Selected Writings by Ian White", edited by Mike Sperlinger. The event brings together filmmakers and performers which were important to Ian White (1971-2013) and ...
  • Silence Please 

    Linde, Dirkjan van der (Lydopptak, verbal, 2017)
    Publication of a sound recording The recorded sound is a field recording that took place in the Sistine Chapel in Rome during a busy day. This is a high rectangular space with a vaulted ceiling, a floor area of 41 ...
  • Oscar Masotta. Segunda Vez. Cahier No. 1 

    García, Dora; Durnak, Victoria; Joung, Nora; Katzenstein, Inés; Masotta, Oscar; Valdés, Andrea (Book, 2017-06)
    Concept: Dora García. Editing and translation: Emiliano Battista. Texts by Victoria Durnak, Dora García, Nora Joung, Inés Katzenstein, Oscar Masotta Andrea Valdés. Part of the project "Segunda Vez" supported by The Norwegian ...
  • Oscar Masotta. Segunda Vez. Cahier No. 2 

    García, Dora; Masotta, Cloe; Masotta, Oscar (Book, 2017-08)
    Concept: Dora García. Editing and translation: Emiliano Battista. Texts by Dora García, Cloe Masotta, Oscar Masotta. Design: Aslak Gurholt (Yokoland) and Alejandro V. Rojas.
  • The Passing of Time 

    Christensen, Jeannette; Gjesdal, Kristin (Book, 2017)
    Med utgangspunkt i en serie polaroidbilder basert på malerier av barokkmaleren Jan Vermeer ønsker jeg å se på hvordan disse bildene kan bære mening i dag utover den historiske konteksten. De allegoriske motivene fra barokken ...
  • Victims Monument Spectacle 

    O'Donnell, Michael; Llorens, Natasha Maria; Bennet, Tony (Book, 2017)
  • Vertex and screen on touch 

    Winterling, Susanne (Video, 2015)
    As a generation who have long been surrounded by information technology, "we" are made to believe the whirlwind of data is only tangible with surfaces. But the screen in the broader sense is non-flat, mobile, movable, ...
  • Three Incidents at the Border of Genre 

    Grøgaard, Stian (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2016)
    From a perspective of conceptual economy, rather than the specialized literature on genre, this text discusses what genre divisions can do when applied to cultural artifacts compared to other forms of classification or ...
  • Bodily Affect 

    Holmkvist, Saskia (Artistic production; Others, 2016)
    Min utgångspunkt med Bodily Affect var att få mer kunskap kring hur annat än det verbala påverkar ett tolkat samtal. Jag var intresserad av konkurrerande metoder för att få veta mer om var skillnaderna uppstår i tolkningen ...
  • NOKDU Bookstore for the Living and the Dead 

    Garcia, Dora (Research report, 2016)
    There are places that function as a knot, a knot where an infinite number of events, history flows, narrative lines, life stories, ideas, desires, sorrows, positions, memories, longings, collide; collide as in a knot. They ...
  • The Sinthome Score 

    Garcia, Dora (Artistic production; Others, 2016)
    The Sinthome Score is a performance project concieved for a museum context. It consists of two elements: a performance designed for two or more performers, and a score describing and directing the elements of the performance, ...
  • Drawing for Freedom 

    Christensen, Jeannette; Austbø, Anne Marit (Book, 2016)
    The art project” Drawing for Freedom” is a cooperation between the Norwegian human rights organization the Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC) and the Academy of Fine Art of the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO). The ...
  • [Åpent Forum 2010.02.22] 

    Winterling, Susanne (Video, 2010-02-22)
    Forelesning av Susanne Winterling

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